Trouble Shoot Your Practice

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Gain access to one of the most broadly educated minds in the coaching business--a true secret weapon for many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs-- professional accurrate guidance from emotions and interpersonal relating to marketing and sales to technology and social media to advanced client issues...

"I increased my income by well over $38,000.00 in the first 5 months of Jason's guidance--and that was just the beginning."

This is not a traditional offering like you will find here: It is for 3.5 hours to be used in an ad-hoc manner whenever and however you like in any area of my expertise. For instance:

  • Make more money with a few yet simple tricks and tips based on your immediate needs
  • Resolve emotional blocks or limiting beliefs [even the beliefs currently out of your awareness]
  • Search engine optimization/internet marketing strategies
  • Increasing your visibility through the social networking "party principle"
  • Increasing conversion rates [having your initial consultations produce greater results]
  • How to deal with complex client issues or stubborn client problems
  • How to market your particular offering more effectively
  • Copy editing

This plan entitles you to 3.5 hours, to be used in any way you like--and in any segments you like. Be they blocks of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, a full hour, or any combination thereof.

The coaching sessions never expire. Keep them in your hip pocket for whenever you need them--whether it is immediately, or months from now.

"Jason has this incredible ability to know just when I need positive encouragement and when I really need a good ass-kicking. Without Jason, I don't think that I would have been able to launch my business on schedule. Or if I had, it certainly would have been with a much lower quality. I honestly have absolutely no idea what I would have done if I hadn't started working with Jason."  --Destin Gerek

As most of you know, I normally only see people for extended packages, so this is for the practitioner who is already certified, and has a lot of cylinders already firing, but needs some troubleshooting, greater clarity in a specific area or already doing pretty well, but they have a few ad-hoc issues to clean up and optimize--or simply need another mind to bounce something off of.

You'll want click "buy now" --as this offer will be limited to 3 professionals.

3.5 Hours at my current hourly rate would normally cost you $875. Get 3.5 hours now for $397.00. You read that right.

Smart entrepreneurs know that one good idea can mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in your business, and I have lots of ideas for you.

Allow me the opportunity to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot your practice. Secure your secret weapon now and reap the results in your business and in your life. Click Buy Now and complete the registration process--and then expect contact from me within 36 hours to set up your first consultation.