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Jason D McClain | Evolutionary Guide™ | Evolve-CO

Jason D. McClain, is committed to professionals thriving financially, while being fulfilled mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

He has mastered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), quantum linguistics, hypnosis, and other transformational technologies and approaches that accelerate the evolution of his clients through empirically proven stages of development.  What that means to you is that he will speak to the deepest aspects of your Self while giving you the tools to make himself obsolete and have your evolution, once begun, take on its own momentum.

Certified in 1995 as an N.L.P. Master by NLP Comprehensive and NLP California, he is a well-respected trainer in the field. He’s combined that with a career as a Field Sales Trainer for Anthony Robbins & Associates and his corporate start-up experience in the medical profession and the I.T. consulting services field and fused his entrepreneurial spirit with his life’s purpose: to fully liberate others.

While he often uses NLP with clients, that is only about 20% of his work with them - the primary underpinning of his work is Integral Theory.

Committed to an integration of Western free-market economics and Eastern spiritual sensibilities, combined with the fact that his approach is an integration of Eastern spiritual philosophies and the Western Human Potential Movement’s mental technologies,  he can often be heard using words like “spiritual” and “capitalism” in the same sentence and knows that they are not only not in conflict, but we must integrate the two. 

He demonstrates tangible and authentic compassion, intense clarity, and rigorous training in the patterning of human behavior and interpersonal dynamics. He is known for his penetrating intuition and his deep understanding of subjective and inter-subjective structures in how people relate to themselves [ego] and how they relate to the events in their lives [emotions].  With Jason’s insight, he can often be said to look more deeply into people than they normally see into themselves.

He has been called an endearing and at times intoxicating (or infuriating, depending) blend of Buddha, Pablo Neruda, and George Carlin.

Part spiritualist, part poet, and part comedian, he is irreverent and universally liked and respected by those he touches. He spends his time personally and professionally, assisting others in freeing themselves from whatever blocks them from enjoying true happiness and experiencing a life beyond “survival”, assisting them in living a life that has them thrive.

Jason D. McClain is The Evolutionary Geek® and currently divides his time between San Francisco, California, as well as San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Deseere' Cruz, Desire Coach and Image Consultant

deseere bio rofessionalBorn and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Deseere' is a mom of two boys, a self-proclaimed novelty foodie, amateur acroyogi and currently residing in the San Antonio, TX area. Five years ago she took her more than 15 years experience as an international business consultant and fashion expert and created a platform to personally work with people seeking transformation in their lives. Her philosophy of "head to toe, skin to coat" ensures lasting and notable change in her clients personal and professional lives. As a Desire Coach and Image Consultant, she is dedicated to guiding individuals to find their true self and present it in a package for success and fulfilment.









Joshua Outwater [I.D.E.A. | Evolve-Co. Advisory Council | Technology] is an expert in user experience and brings mad crazy skills and knowledge of software development and database management.  He is now looking to have that knowledge make a difference in people's everyday lives.  Currently, he works at Barclays Global Investors as a team lead for user interface experience. Having already immersed himself in personal evolution he is looking to continue by contributing to the evolution of others by integrating technology with personal development content so that others can climb to even higher levels.





David M. Niebauer [I.D.E.A. | Evolve-Co. Advisory Council | Legal] is an attorney and consultant whose practice is focused on providing corporate legal counsel to a wide range of clients.  He specializes in all legal and business aspects of corporate transactions – securities issuances and mergers & acquisitions.  In addition, he offers Outside General Counsel services, which can be tailored to his clients’ specific needs. David built a highly successful legal practice as a Partner with Graham & James LLP (now Squire Sanders & Dempsey) where he specialized in Securities Law, Venture Capital financing and Mergers and Acquisitions. He was the General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer for DigitalVentures, Inc., a corporate venture capital firm, before establishing his private practice.  David has been actively representing technology and other companies for over twenty years and brings a wealth of experience, financing contacts and business acumen to his practice.  David received his B.A. from the State University of New York (College at Geneseo), his Master’s degree from the University of Michigan and his J.D. from the Brooklyn Law School.


Richard ReinholdtRichard Reinholdt [I.D.E.A. | Evolve-Co. Advisory Council | Community] is an expert in Community. Having been involved in many organic human movements that are community-based, he brings an understanding of connection, community, motivation and inspiration.  He is also a successful small business owner in San Francisco and brings the clarity that demands. 

An accomplished thespian, Rich lives in San Francisco CA with his wife Eleanor.