Evolutionary Sales FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you [Jason D McClain] available for coaching?

A: That depends on two factors ::: 1. My client load and whether I am currently accepting new clients or not, and 2. Whether I am certain, after speaking with you, that you will, in fact, achieve or exceed your desired outcomes through the Evolutionary process. However, it is always worth inquiring about. It is not a simple first-come first-served thing with me.  Ever.

Q: I can't believe you are available for coaching. What happened? You lose your job?

That's a good one. Had me laughing pretty good. I will say, thank you for the implicit compliment [that it is hard to believe I am available for one-on-one coaching still]. The truth is, I have been deep into multiple projects for the last year, few of which had anything to do with one-on-one services. I had also avoided sales coaching for years, and am now embracing it. Three things happened to shift that :::

1. I slowly but surely allowed all of my personal evolution clients to complete without re-filling those slots ::: the research that was being done in that domain I now feel is adequate, and I found somene who will be trained by me to take over that work.

2. I was getting too many requests for sales coaching, based on Evolutionary Sales, that I had been saying no to.

3. The market place shifted dramatically with the recent financial crisises, making Evolutionary Sales all the more timely, all the more relevent, and frankly, I think, all the more important for us as professionals, but also as people ::: the serieis of shocks were a direct result of the missing 3rd dimension I've talked about that Evolutionary Sales provides. It is no longer optional. It is now a requirement in the marketplace.

For the professionals who understand that, I want to make sure I am available to assist them in integrating it for the good of us all, to whatever degree possible.

Q: I have little sales experience. Will you still work with me?

A: Actually, depending on where your experience was and what kind of system you learned, often the less traditional sales experience you have, the better in today's marketplace. It saves us the time of unravelling bad habits you learned.

Q: I am not yet facile with Evolutionary Sales. Do I have to have mastered that system for you to be willing to work with me?

A: It will help if you are familiar with the process and strucutres of Evolutionary Sales. But, it is not necessary. What is necessary is that the foundational Organizing Principles resonate with you, and you see for yourself the evidence of how they are more in alignment with today's market place--and that after we interview each other, it is clear to me you will not do something silly like use the skills unethically.

At the same time, if future clients of mine are currently on a waiting list, listeners who are obviously familiar with the Evolutionary Sales approach and process go to the front of the line.

Q: WIll you teach me how to overcome any objection?

A: No. I will not. Some of them should not be overcome. And your prospect is not an object to be moved toward your goals.

You have a responsibility to take the entire life of your client into consideration. And besides, Evolutionary Sales, if followed with discipline, aleviates the need for "closing skills" or "overcoming objections". So if you need these tools, you missed a step--or you are infuencing the prospective client for your own outcomes, not theirs. That is fundementally out of alignment with the principles and process of Evolutionary Sales--and to me it is a red flag. It is also not very elegent. It is crude influence. There is a better, more effective, more subtle way--a way that has no one ever "feeling sold" and you will never have to "leverage" or "pressure" anyone. However, that "way" has an intentional design that will break if you are attempting to unethically influence the client.

And 90%+ conversion rates are not maintained in spite of this approach, but rather AS A RESULT of this approach. When I say "ethical influnce", I actually mean it. It is not just a good tag line or SEO.

Q: A lot of sales people talk about ethical influence. You do too. Yet, I have not seen a definition anywhere. Are you willing to define it?

A: Absolutely. It is quite simple ::: "ethical influence" is when you use tools of influence, only in service of another's desired outcomes or goals--and you have their permission [either by explicitly asking, or implicitly by the professional role you are in]. Unethical influence is using those same tools in service of your self that treats those you are influence like objects [either without their permission, or for your short-term gain, or both].

The litmus test is if they inquire about some tactic you are using, you should be willing and able to be fully transparent about the tactic, and explain to them, cogently, why it is in service of them to use that specific tactic. It may seem like a paradox, but I have found this to be an amazingly powerful tool of influence itself ::: service-based transparency.

Q: What do you charge for your one-on-one services?

A: $15,000.00 an hour.

Just kidding.

I do not discuss fees until we meet in the exploratory session and you have a better understanding of the work and the value it would bring to your life. It would simply be inappropriate. However, no one has ever had sticker shock. It is truly about putting the focus where it is appropriate and in which sequence. If I answered the question without you understanding the process and value better, it would be irresponsible of me. And it does not matter if my rates were $30/hour or $3,000. It is still a number with no meaning until you understand the value it would bring to your life.

Q: What would that process look like?

A: We have an initial chat on the phone for about 15 or 20 minutes to make sure there is good reason for us to work together--primarily my verification that I can help you achieve your outcomes with a high degree [85%] of certainty. If that is the case, then we schedule a complimentary exploratory session. In that session we go into greater detail about what you want to achieve or resolve. Again, I then tell you very directly which outcomes I have certainty you will, in fact, achieve through the process--and I am equally as direct about what is not my area of expertise. I then talk about my approach and how specifically it can assist you in your outcomes. At that point, we review an agreement [which has a full explantion of fees] and choose to work together--or we choose not to. Either way, at that point, a choice is made.

Pretty straight forward.

I also have a limited number of spots available for "coaching" so I carefully interview my prospective clients. You will increase your footprint in the world as a result of our working together. I bear a strong responsibility to be certain that footprint is one that leaves a positive mark on the landscape. I take this more seriously than anyone I have met that I would call a colleague. It brings me no joy, but it is the way I am committed to operating in the world.

Q: Are you kidding me? Are you gonna make me buy the products before I "get the right" to work with you?! WTF?!

A: Not sure where you got that idea. Or frankly, where you are coming from with this question. I hope that is not somehow suggestive on this site or any of my other sites. I provide all of my one-on-one clients with everything I have ever developed or recorded--for free. Not just Evolutionary Sales [both v1 and the soon to be released v2], but also products on presentation skills, outcome intevitability, and other resources for you to get the most out of our work together. So, no.

You can also get v1 of Evolutionary Sales for free through the Personal Life Media network on iTunes.

Q: Are you a licensed therapist?

A: Nope. I am not a licensed California State mental health professional and do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health service that would require a license, nor do I hold myself out to provide such services. I provide consulting and educational services that often result in substantial learning, transformation, and the acceleration of your Professional Evolution.

Q: You talk about the Law of Attraction, but then you invalidate The Secret. How can you say you have integrity and ethics when you are such a hypocrit?
A: Wow. Ummm ::: It is unfortunate you were left with this impression. I do not recall ever invalidating the Secret. I do "de-mystify it". In other words, I actually unpack the steps and the science, so it is fully accessible to you. Not some magical, mystical experience. I am sorry you experince that as "invalidating" it. To me it actually makes it more valid--and empowers you more. But that's me.   *shrug*
I do, however, take on fairly directly people who ignore the aspect of The Secret that is about taking action. Just because "The Universe is Abundant" or even the fact that you deserve wealth and prosperity does not then equate to you sitting at home, and someone knocking on your door and handing it to you. I understand people like to believe in magic, and I understand that magical things can happen as a result of the Law of Attraction, and, it is no subsititue for consistent action. The reverse is also true ::: you can take all the action in the world, and if you are not using the power of your mind appropriately, you will be your own worst enemy.
It takes both.
And please consider that "de-mistify" does not equal "invalidate".

Q: What's your favorite color.

A: Hmmm. Not sure this is relevent, but in service of transparency: "I am terribly partial to periwinkle blue". Heh. French Blue is also quite nice.

Q: Do you answer questions for people who are not your clients? About Sales or Selling?

A: Absolutely. Please submit questions through the contact formthe contact form on the site. I love, love, love questions from listeners of Evolutionary Sales especially, and I will consider any questions as a valuable contribution as it helps me in providing thousands of other people those answers. I must inform you that if you submit a question, I reserve the right to publish the dialogue, however, your anonymity and privacy will be respected--unless I have your permission to publish your name and link to your web site if you have one, and you desire that.

However, the dialogue itself becomes my property and I reserve the rights to republish it for educational purposes.

Q: I need to produce immediate results and I have already been listening to Evolutionary Sales for a while. Can't I just retain you and get started working together right away?

A: That's really just not appropriate for either Evolutionary Sales [I practice what I preach] or responsible of me for either one of us as your Guide. We might be able to have a quick turn-around if you use the contact formthe contact form on this site. Now, ::: those emails go directly to me, and we may be able to schedule an initial chat in the next day or two. However, again, it depends on several factors, as noted in the first question above, including availability.
But I will accept no money from you until we are both certain we want to work together.
Q: I recall you are only willing to work with people in extended contracts--6 months or something like that. What if I do not want to commit for that amount of time?
A: That's a great question. First, that was the duration for my Personal Evolution clients. I am no longer providing that service. And this is a fundementally different service--while it includes some aspects of Personal Evolution, the process is different. Plus, I wanted to provide professionals who need a bit more flexibility given today's market conditions, what they had been asking for. At the same time, please understand that producing instant results is not what Evolutionary Sales, or our process working together is or will ever be about. It is about creating ever-increasing levels of sustainable results, and fulfillment. The whole "breakthrough, instant, massive wealth" obsession is what got us into this darned mess America is in in the first place, and I will not contribute to 2-dimensional success.
But ultimately, I am not willing to work with anyone who can not commit to at least 24 sessions. And if you think about it, 24 hours is just 1 day.
If you think about it, 24 hours is very little time--just one day--regardless of how it is spread out, to take you to a whole new level professionally--to take your business to a whole new level--and even that 24 sessions assumes you have done a signifigant amount of your own personal development already. 24 Hours is far less than a weekend workshop--and we all know those don't assist you in integrating the change.r approach that will dramatically increase precentages and conversions, but that is not the focus or the promise of the program. 
If you are curious about the structure and duration of the Evolutionary Sales Coaching package, please visit the Services pageServices page on this site.