Teleseminar Series ::: Three Critical Components ::: Building & Maintaining a 6-figure Practice

Are you tired of tinkering around with your "holistic hobby"? Your first step to turning your practice into a viable and sustainable business is to register for this series of free tele-seminars.

You must register to be on the callregister to be on the call (s). You only need to register once. You will then have a spot on all four calls.

  • Monday October 4th, 2010 ::: The three necessary components to building and maintaining 6-figure practice
  • Monday, October 11th, 2010 ::: Designing your extended and comprehensive offering sustainable change and financial sustainability
  • Monday, October 25th, 2010 Evolutionary Sales ::: Turning Initial consultations into results
  • Monday, November 1st, 2010 ::: Blogging, Social Networking, and Giving Evening Intros [tech and talks ::: how to acquire prospective clients with free, valuable content and authenticity]
Register for the new and evolved version ::: v3.1Register for the new and evolved version ::: v3.1 of the 3 Components to Build and Maintain a 6-figure Practice.


There are only a few components successful coaches and practitioners must integrate into their practice to turn it into a business. At the same time, you can be “doing” these things, and still be unsuccessful unless you have the necessary techniques and ethical tactics incorporated into the components.

Not just the “how” but “how specifically”.

In this free tele-seminar discover:

  • The 3 Necessary Components for Building and Maintaining a 6-Figure Practice
  • 7 "Tricks of the Trade" including :::
    • 4 strategies successful coaches and practitioners engage in on a regular basis to maintain their practice
    • 3 critical techniques to turn your initial consultations into results
  • The Number 1 Mistake that Practitioners and Coaches make in their marketing strategy and their copy writing
    • [and it’s solution]


Four Mondays, beginning Monday October 4th, 2010 @ 7:30pm Pacific. Use this linkthis link to register for the call(s).

This from a former student :::

"Jason McClain is the real deal. His personal life story makes the stories of both Tony Robbins and Christopher Howard look like happy-go-lucky children’s books. He has been quoted as saying, 'if I can be happy and successful anyone can'.

"He built a 6-figure practice from scratch with an intangible service ::: “Personal Evolution”. Something no one wakes up in the morning and thinks they need or looks for. His success was as a result of the incredible efficacy of the system he developed by trial and error." -M.D.

A system I will hand over to you in this talk. Fine-tuned, and streamlined.

"I believe that right now is the time for the Evolutionary Professional™. The emergent agent of change integrating purpose and wealth; doing well as a result of doing good-- integrating universal spiritual principles and free market economics. I understand that the more of you I empowers to be successful, and have a full-time practice that is thriving, the better off the world will be.

Evolving the planet one client at a time is great, but it is horribly inefficient. *laughing* Let’s accelerate the process together."  --Jason D McClain


Acquire knowledge from one of the most broadly educated minds in the coaching business always innocently irreverent, funny, affable, approachable, and obviously committed to serving you by delivering dense value in his talks, expect the tips you will learn in this evening to bear immediate and lasting fruit in your business and in your life.

Be sure you have something to take notes with: and feel free to submit questions before hand. Space is limited to 99 participants for each call. So grab your spot now.grab your spot now.



Oh--and to get a free trial, for what I think is the best teleseminar service out there--that allows you to call on people by name, "pass the mic" to them, and create break-out groups if you are leading a tele-class or series of tele-seminars, and a bunch more super cool technology to make your life as an entrepreneur easier and your business thrive with more profitability, click HERE.

Rumor has it, they will be adding webinar/screen casting functionality soon, too.SHHHHHHHSHHHHHHH.



In Service and in Evolution,


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