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The Top 6 Mistakes Coaches Make and Their Solutions (Part 1)

The Top 6 Mistakes Coaches and Practitioners Make (And Their Solutions) Part 1

It is stunning how many coaches and practitioners are competent at what they do–yet struggle financially, mentally, and emotionally around their business. In fact, even though coaching is a $2 Billion business and growing, most coaches never make more than $25,000 per annum – and many end up doing it as a hobby or giving up and ceasing their contributions entirely.

There are reasons for this. I have identified the top 6 reasons–and their solutions-that I have found in my experience in my own business as well as observing those who still have a “practice”.

1. A Lack of Integral Thinking: “Money and Spirituality are in Conflict”

We were taught for thousands of years that to profit was bad—and there is a good reason for that. For thousands of years one had to pillage, conquer, enslave, and exploit to acquire wealth. While there was a time when one could only profit by exploitation and manipulation or by inheritance or plunder, this has not been accurate for well over a century. With the rise of the services industry, you can offer your deepest contribution to the world – your deepest gifts – and profit as a result of what you have given – not what you take.

The truth is, it is not only possible to come from service and contribution in a “for profit” environment–that is to live a purpose-filled life–but also to profit well from it and to live prosperously. It takes some personal work–being mindful of your thinking, cleaning out your unconscious imprints of guilt and shame, and parental imprints about money are usually a good start—to constantly be of service while building sufficient esteem for your self to recognize the value you are bringing to another’s life and to have them provide that value monetarily in exchange.

It also takes a lack of attachment to “closing that deal” and being more focused on service and “opening relationships”–and much more.

Actually, I have found what can be provided to our clients’ lives is priceless to them. Fees are insignificant when weighed against what the work we do in their lives will make possible. It is not a commodity. It is a gateway to greater freedom and happiness. We can live a spiritually oriented life—and integrate free-market, service-based principles into that.

By doing so, we integrate our spiritual and our financial life – and integration our culture desperately needs—and allows us to flourish spiritually while prospering financially.

2. Lack of Skill: Sales and Marketing

We have all had negative experience with sales people. Not sales professionals, but sales people—that is, people who want to “close a deal” rather than open a relationship. Most sales trainers teach techniques with little regard for a philosophical base or grounding. I do not support that.

I used to think sales was a dirty word – because I saw so many sales people doing icky things. That was until I realized that until I could influence people to take action in their lives I could never really do much good in the world.  You can only be a positive agent for change if you can inspire others to move beyond their current thinking—the thinking that has them in their current life situation and has stopped them from being fully free and thriving; from having the life they desire and deserve.

Therefore—If you truly want to do good in the world, it becomes your duty—yes, your duty—to assist others in overcoming their limitations. That means learning to sell and market your services in a compelling way that comes from service and contribution while combining that with powerful tool of influence.

You must gain those skills ifgain those skills if you want to make a difference and be prosperous.

While it may be hard to swallow at first [took me years to accept] you must be a sales professional first—that is you must be able to inspire your prospective clients toward their own expanded vision of their life and future—if you want to live your purpose and prosper. You must use a sales system that is in alignment with your holistic values, but use a sales system you must.

3. A Lack of Sustainable Structure: Service, Sustainability, and Packages

Once you are coming from service and contribution, you begin to consider what would best serve the client.

Most practitioners have session-by-session practices or monthly packages, but they do not have comprehensive packages that have stages and phases in them. How many people out there have dabbled here and dabbled there and never really bucked down and did the deep work to reveal greater depths within themselves? I have found most clients approach their personal development this way: “Well, I have tried this and I have tried that…but I never really got what I needed”.

Would you go to a chiropractor once – or for a month – and expect your posture to be transformed permanently? Of course not. Would you go to the gym and hire a physical trainer for one or two – or even a half dozen – sessions and expect your body to be transformed? Of course not.  And yet we assume that when it comes to the context of change and transformation with the mind. We can affect profound change in just a session or two, sure, but the client’s entire life will not be changed or certainly not changed permanently. For that, we need stable context and continued work – at least 3 to 6 months. But we also have to create those packages so that they unfold in phases.

The best thing you can do as a coach or a practitioner is to find a way to create a compelling 3-stage or 3-phase offering that allows the client to reveal greater and greater depths or to attain greater and greater heights. For a massage therapist, this may mean something like:


For a Coach it may mean something like:

•Tool Gathering/Education

I am just pulling these out of my pocket and tossing them out there. The point is that if you truly want to be of service to your clients, you will develop a phased program so that they finally make a deep commitment to themselves—and they finally achieve that elusive transformation—mentally, emotionally, and perhaps spiritually, they have been looking for for years.

In the process, you create a sustainable practice with monthly payments coming in—and you get to then relax and be certain you are always acting with integrity and in full alignment. People only get icky when they are desperate. You owe it to your clients to create a deep compelling offer that is only offered with integrity—and you owe it to your self to be prosperous as a purpose driven helper. Everyone wins.

Part 2 will be focused on nuts and bolts. Find it »here«

In Your Service,


Evolutionary Sales is coming - June 20, 21, 22nd in San Francisco. Details here: http://evolutionarysales.comhttp://evolutionarysales.com

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The Top 6 Mistakes Coaches Make and Their Solutions (Part 2)

The Top 6 Mistakes Coaches and Practitioners Make (Part 2)

In Part 1 we discussed the need to integrate money and spirutality, and how to better serve your clients's needs in a sustainable way.

What’s next? More nuts and bolts to build on the philosophical grounding and mindsets we established in Part 1.

4: Having only one stream of prospects

Most coaches and practitioners rely solely on word of mouth and word of mouth is good. In the 21st century marketplace there are hyper-empowered and talkative people. This is good for you. However, it is not enough. Make a decision now to take control–to be the locus of responsibility–for the success of your business. While word of mouth is critical, it is only one of at least three prospect streams the successful coach or practitioner must establish for themselves. What are those three?

•Formalized referral systems [two of them]

•Speaking engagements and free evening talks

•Word of mouth

Referral Systems

•An affiliate program with a percentage or fee for referrals; offer to pay a commission – a generous one.

•Write a referral clause into your client contract stating that if the client is happy with your services that they then agree to refer two people to you for a complimentary exploratory session. While you never want to be heavy handed about this, it does set their intention and focus their awareness on a more formal approach to referrals. And wouldn’t you rather pay them than pay for advertising (online or otherwise)?

Evening Talks | Introductory Talks | Speaking Engagements

These are the bread and butter of filling your practice and keeping it full. When you give talk make it explicit in your marketing and in your introductory remarks that you are there for two reasons:

1.     To provide value to their lives–first and foremost and;

2.     To market your services and/or products, course

Say this at the beginning – in the first three minutes – and let them know you will be revisiting what is available to them at the end. And then at the end of your talk, pass around a signup sheet for them and next – and this is critical – if they expressed interest, initiate contact with within 24 hours with an initial email beginning the sales flow process of your sales system.

Word Of Mouth

Consider this a great backup and occasional unexpected icing on the cake when those unintentional or random referrals occur. And occur they will. Sometimes they come from something you posted online or from a referral you were unaware of or a former client you have not contacted in a while.

If you do this, and you consider them in this order of importance, you will always be in control of your flow of clients and prospects–and they will flow in. Your sustainable prosperity will follow.

5. Failure To Leverage Contact Points And The Opportunity They Hold

Solution: many

First, let me give you a tip – forget about handing out business cards. You don’t really need them except for scratch paper. People will lose your card, become overwhelmed, forget what exactly they talked to you about, etc. It gets lost in the shuffle. If you really want to be of service, you get their information – get their card – and send them a follow-up email within 24 hours.

Teach the people who want to refer people to you – whether they are clients or affiliates – to get the person’s permission to give you their contact information (not give them one of your cards, send them to your website or what have you. Have them get their permission to give you their contact information and then again, you initiate contact within 24 hours and begin the process.

I had a student who was a massage therapist and he doubled his business in two months using only this tip.

Consider any contact point you have with a prospect -- be it an initial session, an email, or a phone call -- an opportunity for you to take control of the situation gently and ethically and move the process forward to the next step. And every step is an opportunity for you to of further service.

Do not give “free initial coaching sessions” (Another contact point to leverage)

Many coaches and many prospects think it is beneficial to give away services or to experience the practitioner directly. I have never found this to be effective in a prosperous business. If you want to turn your practice into a business then offer a complimentary exploratory session–and consider it an information gathering session for you and a sales presentation for the prospect. Let them get a sense of you, but do not give them free coaching. You are not part of a buffet they are sampling. You want them to commit to a more fulfilling experience; a full 3 course meal. Be sure to show them the menu and explain the dishes and presentation–be sure to demonstrate your competence, but be careful you are making sure your contact point is leveraged to its full potential–for their sake in finally having a better life–and for yours in creating a sustainable and prosperous business.

In service of this, have them make a decision one way or the other in that exploratory session – mine are two hours and are complimentary. If you let them “think about it” then they will get less and less clear on what you presented, and therefore less and less clear on what it will make possible in their lives and their fear and limitations kick in; the very habit patters of the mind that they are coming to you to resolve take over. It is your duty to guide them to a choice in that session. Yes and no are both fine answers–but require an answer. I will often ask a prospect who wants to “think about it” if that is the thing that stops them elsewhere in their lives. That is usually all I have to say in those situations for them to sign the agreement in front of them. If they ask why they have to make a choice today, you do something shocking: you tell them the truth. You tell them that if they think about it, what happens is they get less and less clear on the presentation, less and less clear on what it would make possible in their lives and the habit patterns of their minds – many of which they have come to you to resolve begin to take over – and then you have failed your very first test as their coach or practitioners.

Because it is the truth, I have trouble even recalling a time where the response was not agreement. That is what happens to most people.

Be respectful with their experience–set context/pre-frame the session flow–and make sure when you chat with them on the phone for the purpose of setting up the exploratory session that they are aware of the process–that they know you will clarify what they want, then explain your approach, and then if it is a fit–have them review a contract.

Those contact points are critical for your guidance of the client to changing their lives.

Client Emails  | Testimonials (yet another contact point to leverage)

When a client sends you an email raving about your contribution–or when they acknowledge you verbally communicating the difference you have made for them–ask them if you can quote them. Turn that acknowledgment into a testimonial for your marketing materials.

You don’t need the ego strokes or the compliments (well, maybe you do, but hopefully you don’t) what you do need is the “social proof” for your marketing channels. Always offer to write it up and/or edit it and send it to them for their approval before publishing it, but make sure you leverage this contact point.

There are more examples I could give, but remember, if you want to have sustainable prosperity and truly be of service to a larger and larger portion of your community, and therefore be an agent of change rippling out to assist in creating a better global condition–consider every contact point an opportunity to serve them or others through them.

6: Considering Your Service a Commodity

There is a reason I do not publish my rates.

My services are not a commodity on the shelf to be price-shopped. And no one else does what I do, really. And consider that you offer something unique that no one else does. In discovering that you will not only feel better about your “fees”, but you will also have take the first step in being able to communicate the value of your services to your clients and prospects in such a way that your fees seems insignificant and nearly irrelevant when measured against the value your service will bring to their lives.

And really–just between you and me–do you really feel that a number, no matter how reasonable or how unreasonable it may seem communicates the scope and richness of the difference your service can provide in their lives? Unless you have nothing unique to offer–you do your prospects a disservice by buying into their mindset that they can price shop.

I have never lost an opportunity or had a client not want to work with me as a result of this approach. In fact, it is one of the secrets of my success–selling from vision and value and having the money be a formality; an afterthought.

The sales system I have developed works so well that we don’t even cover overcoming objections or “reframing” objections in the course. There is no need if you follow the system because you will so clearly be coming from service and you will have fit that objections rarely – if ever – arise unless you skipped a step in the sales process.

Mistake #7: Did I say 6?

I guess there is at least one more: “Healing” that which you need to resolve in your self and in your own life by healing others

I am going to say something harsh here and say that I consider it unethical–yes, “unethical” for coaches, therapist, or “healers” to work on the same issues with clients that they have not resolved within themselves.

While you may still be able to provide solutions–at least be honest with your client that you have not handled it in your own life. And make a choice now to only provide services that you feel competent, resolved with, and apply to your self in your own life.

If you are a relationship coach–have a great relationship, or at least don’t be leaving wreckage behind you. If you are a coach around self-esteem, have a well-developed ego [in the positive and healthy sense]. If you are an addict who is still smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, do not counsel others on that – get sober first. Do not look to heal your wounds through the wounds of others. There is a danger of projection, and even more so–how can you charge someone to solve something you have been unable to demonstrate as being solved in your own life?

Integrate Your Purpose and Your Prosperity | Join us in San Francisco June 20, 21, 22 for Evolutionary Sales.  http://evolutionarysales.comhttp://evolutionarysales.com

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Ego And Self-Esteem | Personal and Practical in Business

This is taken from the Evolutionary Sales course materials. This is no ordinary sales training.


Self-Esteem. Ego.

There is no greater core component to your degree of success or failure than the evolution, expansion, and strengthening of the above. There are several reasons for this, but as a refresher: there are two aspects to your self-esteem:

1) Self-Efficacy 


2) Self-Respect


1) knowledge of your competence 


2) The feeling you are "appropriate to life; deserve a good life”


1) Value in the marketplace


2) Your Divine worth as a settled matter


1) Practical 


2) Personal


1) Results


2) Meaning

Most people have the two domains collapsed or confused. This will cause you to take things personally, deflect feedback, blame others when you have some area you can take responsibility and improve in, make it means something about you, rather than the work in the world (to the degree you are identified with it), and slow your learning and improvement. It will also lead you to attempt to dominate interactions in an unclean way.

There are endless pitfalls, but the path is clear.

The solution(s) is/are to be continually strengthening your capacity to witness -- and increasing your skill at navigating your own interiors --, separate out the personal and the practical, notice when you use leveraging tactics of fear or shame despite your cognitive understanding that it will produce negative results and increase your spaciousness. And ultimately, remember, it is not about you; it is about the work -- it is about service. It is about your purpose in the world, and while that may be deeply meaningful to you, it is not who you are.

Who you are is pure divinity. Who you are is Spirit manifest. Who you are is radical God/dess-ness.

If you want to identify with something, identity with that -- with the ultimate Witness.

Your emotional and ego development is your most important undertaking in your business. In doing so, the system you learned will come even easier to you and the results will follow -- to the degree you get out of your own way. 

And remember, all of your results with clients is feedback. There is no result you can produce with another human that is *not* feedback -- both positive and critical/negative results. Even if that weren’t true (and it is) it is the powerful place to stand.

Your business will only grow to reach the limits you have within yourself. The more expansive you are, the more expansive your business and your reach -- and the more fully you will be able to live your purpose and prosper as a result.

You are on the right path. You are doing the right things. Step into your I-I and become.

In Service,



Find out more about the course at the Evolutionary Sales website »herehere«.

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Introduction to Evolutionary Sales

Introduction to Evolutionary Sales

"The best business investment I've ever made was working with Jason McClain. In the first 90 days of working with his system his coaching had already paid for itself. His instruction is clear, straightforward and precise. The Evolutionary Sales system makes it super easy to sign clients - It simply works!" ~Triambika Vengoechea

You received a certification at the end of your coach or practitioner training. You invested a great deal of time and money in it. You received the stamp of approval from people you trust, respect, and admire. But did they teach you how to turn it into a viable business?

Probably not. Mine sure didn’t. Very few do—and if they do, they only address it as a side note or an afterthought. 

Whether you are a life coach or a holistic practitioner of any modality, you need support if you are to be successful with your endeavor as a business--in turning your "practice" into a viable business so that you can integrate your purpose and your prosperity; so that you can do well by doing good: by offering the world your deepest gifts.

You need the mind-sets, business structures, and an ethical sales system to get you there. You need to learn to sell--but sell from a place aligned with your holistic values.

That ethical sales system -- Evolutionary Sales -- is the centerpiece of the weekend. 

Whether you are a coach, practitioner of any holistic modality, or simply a solo-preneur who wants to be more effective at beginning relationships with those you have an opportunity to serve, there will be tremendous value in the weekend for you.

Come to the intro Tuesday night. It will be value-packed. And it’s free.

What: Introduction to Evolutionary Sales

When: Tuesday the 15th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: 404 Bryant Street
San Francisco CA 94107

The facebook event page is »here«.


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Money and Spirituality | The Mythos of Conflict

Money and Spirituality | The Mythos of Conflict

One of the things that I am committed to changing in the world is the painful separation of Spirit and wealth acquisition.

So many people think they have to sacrifice their spiritual life to make money or they think they have to sacrifice wealth to be truly spiritual.The truth is quite the opposite. Not only can we integrate them, but we must.

I think we can all agree, that if these were integrated--if people were acquiring wealth AND living a robust spiritual life in the same time -- then so much of the unethical stuff we have seen in the financial markets in the last few years would not have happened. 

For our world to solve so many problems it has, not only can we integrate spiritual sensibilities and wealth acquisition--we must. Integrate your purpose and prosperity. End the suffering of this painful separation by integrating your purpose and your prosperity.

That is the what and the why of Evolutionary Sales. The course teaches you the how. February 28th, March 1st and 2nd in San Francisco. 

Watch the 14 minute video about the course »here«:

Come to the free evening introduction for the course in San Francsico next Tuesday. Details on Facebook »here«.
In Service,
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