Evolutionary NLP Certification Training


Evolutionary NLP Certification Training

Zoom Webinars
2018 Training Dates

June 2, 3
June 30, July 1
July 28, 29
August 25, 26
September 22, 23
October 20, 21
November 17, 18


Sat 10am-6pm Central
Sun 10am-6pm Central

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Coaches and therapists know it as rapid therapy that produces near magical results - results that most of the world doesn't even think are possible.

Sales professionals and professional communicators know it as the ultimate tool of rapport and influence.

Seekers of transformation know it as a map of their interiors that gives them access to navigating those same interiors with incredible precision - where once their internal experience and their emotions were an amorphous mass, now it has a distinct topography - leading to a level of freedom and a facility with self that will have you feel invincible, emboldened by the knowledge that anything truly is possible for you.

It's been called a toolset for accelerated learning strategies, the study of the structure of your subjective experience, and a set of perceptual filters that allow you to model human excellence.
All those characterizations are accurate in my experience.
For the first time in over a decade, I'm offering an NLP Practitioner Certification.  2006 was the last one. There may not be another one. I'm fickle that way. 
The time is now. Live your purpose more fully. The planet needs you. We begin the journey June 2 and 3rd.

Gain and Discover:


•Better understanding of yourself and others
•Being able to navigate your interiors 
•Better emotional facility
•Higher emotional intelligence
•Being able to connect with others at a much, much deeper level
•Establish rapport with anyone you choose at any time and have them feel understood and validated
•Incredible rapid therapeutic results (dissolving shame, grief, fear, anxiety,
•Healing traumatic events from the past more rapidly and more thoroughly than most think possible
•Be more effective at teaching 
•Negotiation skills
•Grater clarity in your communication
•If you are a coach, enjoy your clients getting results with you that are, rapid, breakthrough, and mind-blowing

You will become deeper, more skilled, and more precise at everything you do with others both personally and professionally.

And if you are a coach or healer, this is a necessary and complementary toolset for whatever modality you are already trained in.

14 Days, 7 weekends over 6 months. Deep dive.

Contact me now for a complimentary exploratory session to see if the course is a fit for your needs and desires, and to make sure you are a fit for the course.


Advanced communication skills

Course Curriculum (click the + to expand each section)

The Fundamentals | June 2, 3
  • Categories: Skills, Techniques & Processes, Principles
  • Necessary Elements for Change
  • Ecology and Ethics - using NLP with someone, not on someone
  • NLP Presuppositions - Modeling wisdom across the ages
  • Neuro-Logical Levels - “where to tap”
  • Sensory acuity - sharpening your focus and awareness
    • Pattern recognition
    • Noticing difference
  • Hallucination vs sensory-based information
Rapport and Perceptual Positions | June 30, July 1
  • Non-verbal rapport
  • Developing multiple perspectives
  • Metacognition
  • Anchoring - mastering the dial-up of transient states
  • Marketing uses
  • Internal representation systems - the ultimate map of your interiors
    • VAK
    • Timelines
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Parts Model
Language Models | July 28, 29
    • Meta-Model and Outcome Clarification - the language of specificity; eliminating ambiguity and reducing miscommunication and misunderstandings
    • Milton Model - the language of agreement, trance, and abstraction (for the purpose of agreement, change)
      1. Detecting limiting beliefs and limiting belief clusters embedded in language
    • Framing
Negotiation and Sales | October 20, 21
  1. Parts Model as a negotiation model
  2. Ethical sales models
  3. Parts integrations and Core transformation
  4. Assumptive closes
Standardized Processes Taught In The Course
  • Releasing Emotional Enmeshment
  • Timeline Clearing
  • Grief Resolution 
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Visual Swish
  • Mapping Submodalities
  • Parts Integration
  • Core Transformation
  • Creating Your Future

From Jason

So many of you over the years have asked me to do another NLP Practitioner Certification.

I designed and delivered one in 2006 to about 22 people. It was fun. It was grueling. It took too much out of me. I talked about it being a labor of love. I swore I would never do one again.

But so many of you have asked me over the years to do it, and finally, I am. And to make it easier on all of us - I am doing it over video, live. So you can experience this incredible value from the comfort of your own home or ... wherever you are in the world.

All dates are Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 6pm each day. They will include a 90-minute lunch break and two 20-minute movement and integration breaks

This will be live with/over ZOOM Video. We will all be able to see each other. You will have a practice partner. Can't make one of the weekends? Just add the video recordings package.

Don't know what NLP is or why you should care? Holy moly - I'll explain that in the days and weeks to come.

Already know what it is, and feel yourself having the urge to say, OH MY GOD, JASON! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?! PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY! REGISTER ME FOR THE TRAINING! Well? Wha6 are you waiting for? Message me now and we will schedule a time to have a conversation and make sure you are a fit for the course and the course is a fit for you.


GO! Message me. Let's talk.

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