3 Levels of Leadership, Part 3: Hacking Your Own Mind

Charisma can be faked. True presence can not. True presence comes from internal alignment-free from nagging self-doubts or internal conflicts. It comes from self-acceptance.

That internal dialogue you experience - that negative self-talk? Those can be resolved. Imagining negative outcomes and feeling anxious about your future - that can also be resolved. Sometimes in minutes.

It's amazing what the right line of code can do - executing the right script through the terminal.

The same can be said of your internal subjective experience.

Your experience has structure. Knowing how to navigate that structure can allow you to create with greater ease and thrive with much greater velocity that you can imagine ... all while enjoying internal alignment and radiating True Presence - which will attract others and have them enjoy your leadership.

It's that magical set of "intangibles" which we can easily give you access to. Let me show you how to hack your own mind.

Join us for this 3rd part of the 3 Levels of Leadership series at Geekdom in San Antonio.


Time ​ Thursday, August 24th 2017 @ 4:00pm
Location Geekdom 110 E Houston Street San Antonio TX